Pula X race

The original race that triggered the entire event 5 years ago, ┬áPULA X RACE (PULSKA Xica), named after the Roman numeral 10 (X), is the second race of Saturday’s program. The start is the same as the one for the 5 K run, but instead of turning towards the Riva waterfront, the route heads towards the northern entrance to the city, to the largest and most beautiful roundabout in Croatia. This unique light installation, designed by Dean Skira, the most famous light installation designer, is situated at the 3rd kilometer together with the refreshment point. After the roundabout, the route heads back towards the Riva waterfront where we join the 5K route all the way to the magnificent Amphitheater. There is another refreshment point at the 6th kilometer. Also, musicians and DJs at almost every kilometer along the way will help you stay motivated during the race.