5K powered by GRAWE

The shortest run of our event, the 5K race, is also the loveliest. The route meanders around the historic core on Kaštel hill, one-time fortified settlement of the Histri tribe founded some 3000 years ago, although the true town history started with the arrival of the Romans who founded Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola. The race starts in front of the Amphitheater, heading towards the Riva waterfront until the first and only turn around point located near the Pula train station. Then we return along the waterfront to the ULJANIK shipyard and then turn onto the central city square FORUM with the Temple of Augustus and the Communal Palace (Town Hall). The route then continues past the Istrian National Theater and near the central city artery, Giardini, leads into the underground tunnels of Zerostrasse dating from World War I. From the Austro-Hungarian underground tunnels, the route takes us back into time, to the Roman Empire and Twin gates built in the 2nd-3rd century on the remains of earlier town gates. Then, the adrenaline keeps you going for the final half kilometer, with the Amphitheater in sight ahead of you. Its construction dates from the reign of Emperor Augustus at the beginning of the 1st century, whereas it was expanded during the Flavian dynasty and could seat as many as 23,000 spectators. The route will be lit at many points with the installations of Visualia Festival artists, creating a magical atmosphere of this wonderful night race.