Start of the race – Saturday the 20th of September at 8 PM

Starting zones
The starting line is divided into several starting zones based on the planned results of the very participants, with faster runners being at the front.

Starting numbers
At each starting number the starting zone of each individual runner is marked.

Entering the starting zone
Entering the starting zone is permitted five (5) minutes before the very start of the race.

The size of the starting zone
The starting zone provides 4 squared meters of room for each participant.

The reception of the bundle and starting numbers
The reception of the bundle will be held on Friday the 20th of September from 3 PM until 10 PM and on Saturday the 21st of September from 10 AM until 7 PM in front of the Arena. Whilst receiving the bundle the participants will be divided into rows based on the length of their run – 5 km, 10km or 21 km.

The route of the race
The route of the race is secured by the organizers and the traffic police. The traffic on the route will also be closed for the duration of the race.

Refreshment points
Are situated throughout the given route every 3 kilometers. The participants just have to take the refreshment (water or an energy drink in its original packaging). By the end of the route the last refreshment point is inside the Arena.

Changing stations
Are situated in front of the Arena, behind the tent used for the reception of the starting bundles.

Oficial parking is secured in the immediate vicinity of the Arena, in Mandrač (the northern end of Riva).

All information is sent via e-mail and can also be found on the race’s website and will be highlighted in numerous places at the race site.

Organized transport
There is no organized transport. It is advised that participants arrive with their personal vehicles in groups. There are also secured parking places in Mandrač.

Staff and organizers
Record of the employed at the manifestation: all members of the organization (constables, members of the organization team, judges, volunteers, etc.) will be named on the signing list which includes the following information: Name and Surname / Phone number / Time of arrival / Time of departure.

Different groups
Inside of the same organization there will be different teams specialized for individual areas which will not be mutually intertwined.

The official host
The official host will give out basic information to the participants inside and outside of the Arena.

At the site of the manifestation there will be portable toilets set inside and outside of the Arena.

Medical help
At the site of the race there will be multiple ambulance teams on standby alongside a medical director – all in accordance to the directions of World Athletics. All staff inside the organization has the number of the medical director and the head of the medical teams.