Marathon 42K

Unlike the lovely little 5 kilometer run, around the walls of Roman Pula, Sunday’s 21K run, both relay race 3 x 7 K and marathon (2 laps) pass along the outer rim of the broader city. Right after the start in the front of the Amphitheater, the route heads along the Riva waterfront and around the outer walls of the Uljanik shipyard. Uljanik shipyard was built in 1856 as the main naval port and naval base of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. After passing the shipyard walls, we continue towards the military part of Pula harbor, situated in the southern part of the bay. Then the route heads to Auto Camp and the following kilometers take us along Lungomare promenade all the way to the southernmost tip, Verudela peninsula, which also marks half of the route. We run around the turn around point back towards the finish along the Pula ring road that connects the southern with the northern part of the city, and finally return to the Amphitheater to pass the finish line.